SCT/BULLY DOG Programmers

FAQ'S & Troubleshooting

This is an issue with your PC’s driver software. If problem persists, contact SCT Tech Support and our support staff will walk you through fixing this issue.

Check for blown fuses specific to the OBDII Port/Cigarette Lighter for your vehicle.

No, after tuning the vehicle you can disconnect the programmer and store it.

All chips/tuning products must be removed prior to tuning with any Bully Dog/SCT device.

We do not recommend tuning the vehicle while the engine is running as this can cause severe damage to the vehicle and the PCM.

We recommend that you always return your vehicle to stock before returning to the dealership as this prevents the tuner from becoming locked if the dealer updates the PCM.

Check device settings and look for Demo Mode. If it is on disable it by turning it to off. This will cause the device to stop identifying your vehicle as a different vehicle and will now operate as needed.

In most cases a modified vehicle requires a custom tune. There are set ups in the preloaded tune options to adapt to certain cold air intakes, however this is per vehicle and what works for one vehicle may not work on another. Please contact a Bully Dog/SCT Custom Tune Dealer (Oz Tuning) for a custom tune if your vehicle is heavily modified.

Yes, you may return to stock and tune a different vehicle up to 5 times. Your remaining unlocks will be reduced every time the device tunes a different VIN number.

However, only one vehicle can be tuned at a time. In order to tune multiple vehicles simultaneously, you will need a device per vehicle. 

*To reset your device unlocks to be able to pair with 5 more vehicles, contact SCT's sales team.