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While still being a true Omega tune with flex fuel capabilities, and the ability to tow and race, it has evolved from the last tune you will ever need, to the tune you can't live without.

What it is NOT:
It is not a more aggressive tune. It is not going to be hard on the vehicle, neither does it have more risk of damage.

What it IS:
It is further optimization of the proven original Omega tune. 

Key features:

  • Transmission logic and shift schedules are optimized.
    • Shift schedules are focused on the engines power band, not the conventional logic of shift points needing to be at specific vehicle speeds. This greatly improves the driving experience, and also the power band is used more efficiently.
  • Proven faster in testing through all combined optimizations.
    • More part throttle torque.
    • More low end torque & mid range.
    • Smooth linear throttle response.

Our tuning is unlike any other company. Our Omega tune replaces multiple tunes, so no more need to buy and load different tunes. Once you load our tune you can run any octane, 87, 91, 93, E85, or a blend of fuels. (For the 2.3L EcoBoost's, a minimum of 91 is required up to E30 max). The tune automatically adapts and gives the best performance all the time. No more switching! We also tune the sport and tow modes, and all you would have to do is engage those features as you normally would. It is the most complete, versatile tune you can get.

Obviously, the flexibility of being able to use any fuel you choose, including E85 or any blend of E85 and gasoline, is a great feature. All of our customers enjoy the fact that they don’t need to change tunes if they need to tow or haul a load. However, one of the HUGE advantages that Omega has over all the other tunes is that we’ve taken the time to tune the COMPLETE operation range. We’ve adjusted the variable cam settings at part throttle, drive by wire settings to improve throttle response, transmission shift points and torque converter lock-up schedules to exactly match your particular gear and tire combination, and of course the increased power at full throttle. All of this comes together to make the most versatile, and most complete tune that is currently available for the 5.0 F150.

Yes, and likely more powerful. The method the Omega tune uses to adjust for different fuel types allows performance to be completely optimized for your specific fuel, driving conditions, environment, and many other factors that would not normally be accounted for in a standard tune.

Q: "My wife’s F150 5.0 has a 10 speed and the shifting is absolutely horrible. My buddy has a ridiculous tune from you guys which is absolutely impressive but not exactly what the grocery getter needs. I’m amazed at how his shifting his so much smoother while putting down all that horsepower".

A: That's kind of the beauty of our Omega tune. The same tune that felt "ridiculous" in your buddy's truck, is completely docile when he isn't "enjoying" it. I designed the tune exactly for this type of scenario. Drive the truck in Drive or Eco mode, and don't step on it, and it's just as docile as a stock truck, but with greatly improved drivability and transmission behavior. Then, if you want to have some fun with the truck, click it into Sport mode and it's likely a completely different vehicle. Along with that versatility comes the ability to use any fuel that you choose, and you can even blend fuels, including E85. So, there's nothing to worry about if your wife fills it up with 87 octane. The tune will automatically adjust, reducing its power output, and maintain safety on the lower octane fuel. The most common compliment we get form customers that install our Omega tune is "This is how it should have come from Ford", and that's always my goal when designing a tune. I don't want installing a tune to come with any negative aspects that limit how you can use your vehicle, and I also don't want the tune to be so "in your face" that you have to be a professional race car driver to enjoy it. So, to answer your question, all you need is our Omega tune and a tuning device. - Ken

Yes. The tune is discounted when you purchase the tuner. Just use the drop-down box, "Oz Tuning Custom Tunes (Omega). Discounted with this purchase" and choose the tune you need.

You will need a Programmer to install a tune onto your vehicle.

The SCT X4, the Bully Dog BDX, or SCT BDX are the ones we recommend for the 2011-2017's.

You will need an RTD+ Interface, or MVPI2+ for 2018's and up, and will need your own Windows based laptop. The New TDN (Tune Delivery Network) allows you to flash tunes with their app. 

It's a one time charge, and if you ever need an update, it’s $25 and up depending on the changes you make. Just visit our Re-Tune page and select the type of tune you need. NOTE: With parts purchased from our site that requires tuning, the updates are free.

No. You will have to go to our site and fill out the Tune Form to claim your tune. We can’t build it until we get the device Serial Number, the Strategy for your ECM, and the mods you have on your vehicle. For the 2018s and up, we will also need a copy of your stock tune.

Yes. We've designed Omega to be both safe and powerful. The very nature of how Omega is compatible with any fuel octane makes it infinitely safer than other tunes that are designed for specific fuel octanes. You won't need to worry about your wife filling the truck up with 87 and the tune being set up for 93. Omega will adjust and adapt to whatever fuel is in the truck... whatever driving conditions you throw at it... and whatever load you're putting on it.

A lot of what our customers said from feedback, is that the Omega Tune’s shifting is superior to the others. Along with the performance improvements (improved throttle response, increase in low-end torque, more top-end power), the shifting is what sets ours apart. Omega is designed to shift where it needs to without jerking your head off but is precise, but not overly aggressive. Tow/haul mode has been fine-tuned to get the best performance no matter what you are pulling.

With Basic mods it’s not really necessary. The way that the tune is designed it adapts based on your driving conditions and fuel quality. That’s the main reason we don’t need to log and tweak every tune. We’ve taught the truck to do that itself, and computers are generally always better at tasks like that, as they do it full-time without missing a beat.
If this weren’t a “normal” tune, then logging could be beneficial. But because we’ve designed this tune to adapt, in real-time, to the driving conditions and fuel quality being used, the tune doesn’t require specific “tweaks” to get best performance. The tune automatically “tweaks” itself as you drive.

Any modification that would require a tune update on a “traditional” tune would still require an updated with the Omega tune. Basic modifications such as cat-back exhausts will not need an update, but please contact us if you are not sure. More extensive modifications such as torque converters or cams, will require an update fee.

*Parts purchased from us that require tuning come with a free tune update.

The process itself is very simple, and it's almost impossible for you to mess anything up. We provide step by step instructions, and we control the rev limit in the tune during the process, so there's little chance of you hurting anything.

Within 72 hrs after placing your order, submitting your stock file if applicable, and submitting your tune form during business days.

We build your tune just for your vehicle, so we take into consideration tire size, gear ratio. etc.. so this will correct your Speedo and help your shifting with the bigger tires.

We modify all transmission functions in the tune to provide a balance of economy and performance, depending on pedal input. We also modify the Tow-Haul functions to improve towing functions, and the Tow Haul button activates those functions, just as it would on the stock tune.

It can help with economy, but not all customers have seen this. Most comment on the towing, shifting, throttle response, and low-end torque performance. You may see a mileage increase. There are literally hundreds of variables that affect fuel economy that is outside of the control of the tune. We have lots of customers that see a mileage increase, and some that see a loss. It greatly depends on your driving style and conditions.

If you already have a tuner, verify with us our tunes will work with it if you are not sure. If so, all you need to do is purchase our tune. Fill out the online tune form. And we'll build your tune and email to you. It's a one time charge, and if you ever need an update for performance upgrades, there is a Re-Tune page, and depending on the changes you make, it is $25 and up.

HP Tuners Credits are the currency used to license a vehicle to an HP Tuners interface. Each vehicle/control module requires a different number of credits to license. 

Users have to license a vehicle so they can write/flash a file to a vehicle's control module.

Vehicle licenses are tied to your vehicle’s VIN, PCM serial number, and PCM OS. Assuming those values never change, you can write calibrations to that vehicle indefinitely.

As a tuning company, we have to follow EPA guidelines, so we cannot modify our tunes for deleting or replacing any factory installed emission components on a licensed street vehicle that has a VIN. That includes turning off CEL’s associated with such. While this does not affect drivability, the O2 sensors can throw the inefficiency codes.

That has to do with the mods you have. Running totally stock, or having minor modifications such as, intakes, headers, or exhaust would qualify as a “Basic” tune. More extensive modifications that will require more involved tuning and datalogging, like cams, or torque converters would be considered “Advanced“.

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ALL tune support is handled by email only.

If you have any questions or support requests after receiving your tune, reply directly to the original email your tune was sent in.
     That email contains all of the info we need to locate your tunes in our database, and provides you with support more efficiently. You are looking for the one with the subject Welcome to Oz. That’s the email you need to reply to so we can better assist you, and keeps everything organized for everybody. If you do not have that email, email us your first and last name, device serial number, and order number to

DO NOT start a new email chain for tune support please.
     If you do, you will be directed to reply back to the original tune email, which drastically slows down the support process.

If you are a current customer and wanting to switch your tune files to use through the TDN phone app, you will need to purchase the transfer service from us. We do charge a small fee for that because your tunes will need to be uploaded to the HP Tuners TDN, so that involves work on our end to process all of that.

Here is the website link for this, and after your purchase goes though you will receive an email with instructions. If you don't see the email after your purchase, check your spam folder. TDN Switch

NOTE: If you need a normal tune update for tires or parts change, and want to convert to TDN at the same time, we can do that as part of the update at no extra charge.

*** Regular MPVI2's and RTD's are not compatible with iOS. Only the + (plus) models are.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll to Software Updates.
  • Open up Automatic Updates.
  • Click Continue.
  • Verify Automatic Updates is off.

1. Battery disconnects.
2. Sync master resets.
3. Sync updates.
Can default back to OTA updates. Be sure to check!

The easiest way to identify the axle and gear ratio in your truck is from the door sticker. If you open the drivers door and look at the door jamb, you’ll see a sticker like the one shown below located on the latch face. This list has the most common codes for the 2011+ F150's and it not an extensive list.

If you are unsure if you have a 9.75" or a 8.8" Super axle, this is a quick way to check.

Install instructions can be found by clicking here:

Make sure that you read the process for programming the settings. Programming requires turning on certain dip-switches on the device to activate programming mode BEFORE adjusting the settings. Also, make sure to test unit activation after programming, with the engine off, as shown in the instructions.

Knob Settings:
- Input Trigger knob – 2.5 v
- Output Voltage knob – 100%

Dip switch settings:
- Switch 2 – Off
- Switch 3 – On
- Switch 4 – On
- Switch 5 – On

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