Adaptive Learning Drive Cycle – 10R80


NOTE: Perform the adaptive learning drive cycle on a level road surface.

  1. Using the scan tool, clear the DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) and Transmission Adaptive
  2. Drive the vehicle until the engine and transmission reach normal operating temperature.
  3. Accelerate from a stop with light throttle (15%) ensuring that upshifts 1st through 8th occur
    at engine speeds between 1300-1600 rpm.
  4. Continue to accelerate (may apply slightly more throttle after 7-8 upshift at 32-38 mph (51-
    61 km/h) until you achieve 55 mph (88 km/h) and the 8-9 and 9-10 shifts complete.
  5. Brake very gently to a complete stop and hold foot on brake for five (5) seconds.
  6. Shift the transmission to Neutral. Wait 1 second.
  7. Shift the transmission to Reverse. Wait 2 seconds.
  8. Shift the transmission to Neutral. Wait 1 second.
  9. Shift the transmission to Drive. Wait 2 seconds.
  10. Repeat Steps 3 through 9 six additional time

Courtesy © Copyright 2020, Ford Motor Company.
307-01B Automatic Transmission, Transfer Case and Power Transfer Unit - 10-Speed Automatic Transmission – 10R80