RTD Interface & MPVI2 – How perform a KAM Reset.

Step 1 – Plug up your RTD Interface or MPVI2, and your laptop to your vehicle.

NOTE: You will be using VCM Scanner BETA (not the RTD Flasher or VCM Editor) for this procedure, so open up that too.


Step 2 – Connect to the vehicle by clicking on the Connect to Vehicle icon.


Step 3 – Click the Vehicle Controls & Special Functions icon.


Step 4 – In the tabs you will see KAM Reset. Click that and follow the prompts, DO NOT CLICK CRANK RELEARN.

NOTE: If you get an empty window and do not have the option for the adjustment,  go to Vehicles>Vehicle Profiles>Vehicle Profile Editor. Then enter the code KTFK3A7 in the User OS box that pops up. Then continue on from here.