2021-2023 F150 5.0 – Omega Tune & SCT X4 with Unlock Cable


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Complete package – You save $50 over buying everything separately. Includes Omega tune, SCT X4. and SCT Ford Unlock Cable.
NOTE: The X4 Tuner is sold as a package (7015PG-B) that includes the X4 Tuner and a custom ECM cable. This X4 Tuner does not come with any preloaded tunes at this time.

Omega is the last tune you will ever need for your 2021-2023 F150 Coyote. No longer will you need to carry around your programmer "just in case". No more worrying about poor quality fuel. No more sacrificing economy for performance. NO MORE COMPROMISES!

Obviously, the flexibility of being able to use any fuel you choose, including E85 or any blend of E85 and gasoline, is a great feature. All of our customers enjoy the fact that they don’t need to change tunes if they need to tow or haul a load. However, one of the HUGE advantages that Omega has over all the other tunes is that we’ve taken the time to tune the COMPLETE operation range. We’ve adjusted the variable cam settings at part throttle, drive by wire settings to improve throttle response, transmission shift points and torque converter lock-up schedules to exactly match your particular gear and tire combination, and of course the increased power at full throttle. All of this comes together to make the most versatile, and most complete tune that is currently available for the 5.0 F150.

We know that trucks live many different lives, and things can change at a moments notice. So we've designed this tune to handle anything you can throw at it.

  • Need to tow your toy-hauler? - No problem!
  • Want to use 87 octane for your daily commute? - Go for it!
  • Want to roast tires and chop down your ET on E85 at your local track? - Omega can handle that with flying colors!
  • Auto Stop/Start and cylinder deactivation are disabled by default and can be reactivated upon request.
  • The "Basic" Omega tune will cover most bolt-on modifications.
  • A Windows computer is required for loading tunes onto the X4 and for device updates.
  • Look for an email with instructions after you place your order. If you do not see it, check your spam.
  • If there are plans in the future for forced induction, please get our package with HP Tuners here. We do not tune the 2021+ forced inducted trucks with SCT. 


* Backs Up Factory Tune
* Sleek design
* Push-button Interface
* PID Data Logging & Monitoring
* Stores up to 10 Custom Tunes
* Compatible with all SCT software – Including Livelink datalogging
* Extensive Monitoring and Datalogging Functions
* Full-color Display and Customizable Gauges
* Read and Clear DTC Codes
* Easy Installation

* Includes SCT Ford Unlock Cable

All tuning services are time-limited and will include 90 days of complementary datalog reviews and/or personalized adjustments to cover adjustments such as firmer/softer shifts, increased/decreased throttle response, etc. Changing or adding modifications to the vehicle that would require a tune adjustment would not be considered a "preference-based adjustment" and would not be covered by a complimentary update.

Should your tuning window expire for any of the above reasons, you will be asked to purchase a re-tune through the website to "reset" your tuning time period, at which point the customer will receive a new 90-day window for complimentary adjustments and datalog reviews.

- Full Sales Policies can be found here -


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Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 in

14 reviews for 2021-2023 F150 5.0 – Omega Tune & SCT X4 with Unlock Cable

  1. Darren Spates (verified owner)

    Coming from a 2018 F150 with an omega tune to a 2021 I was upset to hear the hoops you have to jump through to get a tune loaded to your truck. Ken made the process as painless as possible with step by step instructions. Truck runs flawlessly night and day difference from stock. Not only is the truck faster it tows better than ever. I highly recommend the omega to anyone looking to take your F150 to the next level.

  2. Shane McLain (verified owner)

    Fast and easy service and shipping. Amazing results.

  3. Caleb Wagner (verified owner)

    I added the Oz Omega tune to my 2022 F150 after driving it without the tune for a few months. Installation was easy (and I’m a novice). Night and day difference with smoother shifting points and faster acceleration. Couldn’t be happier with choosing OZ. Customer service was great and Ken personally answered some questions I had. Another highlight is not having to switch tunes for different fuel octanes of E85. I’ve only run e85 since the install as it’s so much more responsive and fun to drive. Highly recommended.

  4. Gordon Kelly

    The tune is flawless, and was worth every single penny. The crew at Oz fixed every single thing that I disliked about the factory tune and transmission programming. The gains in midrange performance are unreal, and there is more power everywhere in the curve. Job well done gentlemen.

  5. Brady Fair (verified owner)

    I expected a lot and the tunes better than I expected. Perfect right out of the box!

  6. John Wimer

    Added the Omega tune to my 2021 F150 after a year of driving. Tech support was good…the day of the tune wasn’t without issue but Ken was very responsive and we got thru what was probably my error. Since the tune, drivability is great…love the shifting now!! I’ve also experimented with E85 and love the add’l power. Another thing that I’m finding is that Eco mode makes a difference now (did not with factory tune). To sum it up, very happy with the tune, the purchase/install, and can recommend it to others!

  7. Anthony Wood (verified owner)

    This tune really woke my 2022 4×4 Screw STX 5.0 with 3.31 gears up. The difference between tuned and stock is “wow”. I was a little nervous going in as I’m a novice but the process was all too easy. If you are on the fence don’t wait. It’s worth it. Normal mode works great for daily driving now. That irritating throttle lag and shift to high gear as fast as possible is gone. It made the weight of my stock size K02s disappear. And sport mode is a monster. It rips and the firm shifts are so fast it shifts and gone at WOT. It will bark the tires on the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts. I wasn’t expecting that on the 2-3 shift. I even enjoy daily driving in sport mode with the firm shifts. Ken’s work almost feels magical. Well done.

  8. Rick Ramthun (verified owner)

    I’ve been wanting this tune since I got the truck a year ago. Finally runs and drives like it’s supposed too. Shifting is vastly improved and no more throttle lag. Also got rid of that annoying V4 mode. Just wish I had some e85 near me to try out. Very happy with the tune.

  9. Jordan powell (verified owner)

    All I can say is OMG. This is how the truck should have came from factory. With having the 35’s and 3:73 gears I feel like this truck is a beast. Was little skeptical about making the purchase for my like new truck. Just had the first oil change done. The shifts are quick and firm and just all around perfect imo. Thank you Ken again for a great tune

  10. Victor Casablanca (verified owner)

    Ken’s been tuning my vehicles for years. Finally pulled the trigger on the x4 and Omega tune for my 21 regular cab and it had huge gains! I went a best of 8.33 in the 1/8th bone stock to a 7.85 with Ken’s tune and a ram air intake

  11. Tim meyer (verified owner)

    Sct x4 with the omega tune on 23 5.0 f150 tune and drivabilty are perfect smooth shifting while cruising around but can get down if you floor it. Installation was easy after watching some videos. Would definitely recommend 👍

  12. Rich Hernandez (verified owner)

    Pulled the trigger on SCT/Omega tune for my 22 FX4. All have to say is that this is the way the 5.0 should come from the factory! Shifts are crisp and tight, the power comes on strong. Not a street racer, but it’s fun to drive around town with. Highly recommended!

  13. Brook Syrnyk (verified owner)

    This is my second tuned truck by Ken. First was my 19 f150 and now my 23 f150. Only word to explain the tune is WOW. The Omega X is unreal. I’d highly recommend dealing with these guys. No question is a stupid question when asking them things, they always answered my questions quickly and clearly.

  14. Arron Rowell (verified owner)

    Absolutely AMAZING!!! Truck runs incredibly, and the transmission shifts light years better than stock. A+++++

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