S&B POWERSTACK Air Filter for JLT Cold Air Intakes. 4.5″ X 6″.


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Only the best air filters made by S&B are used to JLT’s specifications.

Replacement filters for your JLT Intake are available with cotton (Cleanable) or dry (Extendable) filter media. Both offer similar performance characteristics, so the decision comes down to how you want to maintain your filter.
If you operate your vehicle in conditions with lots of dry dust, we have found that customers like using a dry filter since it can be blown out with compressed air to extend the life of the filter.

Using compressed air, blow off the outside of the dry filter keeping the air nozzle moving and no closer than 6 inches to the media. This can be done while the filter is still in the vehicle. If you would like to blow it out further, remove the filter and blow it out from the inside out being careful not to concentrate the compressed air in one location in the media. While the life of our dry filters can be extended by using compressed air, ultimately, the filter must be discarded.

Cotton/cleanable filters will protect your engine in dusty conditions as well, but they can’t be blown out with compressed air as this would separate the media.
FILTER WRAP (pre-filter):
Regardless of which style of filter you utilize, we recommend that you use a filter wrap as this will keep the bugs and other big stuff out of the filter media which will extend the life of your filter and make it easier to service.
To properly clean your oiled cotton cleanable filter, we recommend the S&B Precision II Cleaning & Oiling Kit.
*TIP* by purchasing a 2nd air filter you can simply swap filters when it’s time to clean it and not be rushed. Clean the first filter and it’s ready when it’s time to change again.

Additional information

Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 7 in
Product Information

*Flange ID 4.5”
*Flange Height 1.75”
*Top Width 5.25”
*Pleat Height. 5”
*Type of Flange Traditional
*Element Height 6”
*Base Width 6.5”
*Type of Top Power Stack: Black Rim


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