SCT – BDX Programmer/Tuner – Ford (SCT ON SALE)

SCT  BDX 40490

* Receives Updates via WiFi * Custom Tunes delivered via WiFi – NO COMPUTER REQUIRED! * Extensive Monitoring and Datalogging Functions * Full-color Display and Customizable Gauges * Read and Clear DTC Codes

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This device includes SCT preloaded tunes for many Ford vehicles. If you would like to add an Oz Tuning tune to your purchase, please use the drop down box. More information about tunes can be found on the Individual Tunes sections on the website under your particular year and make.

The "Basic" Omega tune will cover most bolt-on modifications. Including: Boss or GT intake manifold, CAI, exhaust, long and short headers, aftermarket gears, and non-stock wheels and tires.

The "Advanced" Omega tune covers modifications that may require extensive datalogging. These modifications include: high stall torque converters, non-stock camshafts, nitrous and other modifications that drastically impact airflow.

The "Forced Induction" tune covers:
15-17 Roush Supercharger
15-17 ProCharger
15-17 VMP Supercharger (Not for Loki. Odin requires HP Tuners RTD)

NOTE: We do not offer tuning for aftermarket turbo systems on vehicles that were not turbocharged from factory.

(Features vary for each vehicle and are not available on all vehicles):

* Backs Up Factory Tune
* Sleek design
* Push-button Interface
* PID Data Logging & Monitoring
* Stores up to 20 Custom Tunes
* Compatible with all SCT software – Including Livelink datalogging
* Extensive Monitoring and Datalogging Functions
* Full-color Display and Customizable Gauges
* Read and Clear DTC Codes
* Easy Installation
* Receives Updates via WiFi – Always have the latest files on your device
* Custom Tunes delivered via WiFi – NO COMPUTER REQUIRED TO LOAD TUNES!

All tuning services are time-limited and will include 90 days of complementary datalog reviews and/or personalized adjustments to cover adjustments such as firmer/softer shifts, increased/decreased throttle response, etc. Changing or adding modifications to the vehicle that would require a tune adjustment would not be considered a "preference-based adjustment" and would not be covered by a complimentary update.

During the tuning process for Advanced or Forced Induction tunes, a tune will be considered "complete" if no follow-up contact is received from the customer within 30 days of receiving a tune revision.

Should your tuning window expire for any of the above reasons, you will be asked to purchase a re-tune through the website to "reset" your tuning time period, at which point the customer will receive a new 90-day window for complimentary adjustments and datalog reviews and/or another 30-day window for Advanced or Forced Induction tunes.

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 5 in

7 reviews for SCT – BDX Programmer/Tuner – Ford (SCT ON SALE)

  1. Aaron Gilmore (verified owner)

    Best and easiest first mod for your Coyote!!! Instantly increased mileage and could fell the difference. Helped me with towing and makes daily driving more fun. The support here is top notch and the best in the biz. Hard to stay out the pedal now though. Upgraded tune when I bought the JLT intake and wow the difference over stock is amazing!!!
    IT’S ALIVE!!!

  2. Adam Atchison-Lynde (verified owner)

    Great programmer and the OZ Omega tune is everything people said it would be. Better throttle response, great shifting when towing and sport mode feels completely different. Great support here and they support the troops as well!

  3. Trevor May (verified owner)

    Best tuner on the market for the 5.0L F150. Went with the Omega tune and very pleased with the fuel economy and performance of the tune. Great feature with the Omega tune is not having to change the tune every time you want to change fuel octane.

  4. Travis Maddox (verified owner)

    5.0 went with the omega tune and the S&B CAI. All i can say is wow! The truck feels way smoother, im getting better mpg. Throttle response feels better and the shift feel solid. Great tune makes the truck alot more fun to drive and the guys here at Oz tunning are great. I had many questions and some changes to get speedo dial and they were always quick to reply. Thanks guys!

  5. Craig Radnich (verified owner)

    Definitely a good choice for anyone really if you want the most out of your truck. The Omega tune fixes the terrible factory throttle response and sloppy shifting. Throw it in sport mode if you’re looking to wake it up even further. It definitely turns into a tire shredder if you’re not careful! 10/10 would recommend.

  6. Craig Radnich (verified owner)

    Forgot to add the ease of the BDX programmer being able to download tunes from the cloud is a GAME CHANGER! SO EASY!

  7. Andrew B (verified owner)

    The Coyote has some nice get-up-and-go from the factory. However, the tune Ford puts in there is atrocious; the shifts are hard and clunky, and the throttle response was lacking. I wasn’t looking for speed or power, I just wanted a truck that wasn’t so sloppy when driving. After much research I bought an Oz Omega tune, and the SCT BDX tuner. The SCT made installing the tune simple and easy, and the tune is phenomenal. Shifts are so smooth I can rarely tell unless watching the shift indexer, power is a beast, gas mileage is better than stock, and I can run any gas I want so I don’t have to be picky or rich. So far I’ve run E85, 89, and 93 and all have performed well. I’d highly recommend this tuner and an Oz tune. Well worth every penny!

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