nGauge – How to save your stock file and email it to us.

1 Make sure the microSD card is inserted into the nGauge.

2 Plug the nGauge into the vehicle using the supplied OBDII cable.

3 With the nGauge powered on and at the main menu, select “Tuning”.

4 Scroll down using the down arrow ▼ until you get to the bottom and select “Read Vehicle”.

5 Select the Vehicle’s Engine type to read.

6 When prompted to Turn Key On, make sure to turn the key on without starting the engine.

7 The nGauge will begin to save the stock vehicle calibration, DO NOT unplug the nGauge or turn the key off.

8 When completed, the nGauge will say “Vehicle Calibration Saved” and list the name of the stock file and its file location on the SD card.

9 It is now safe to unplug the nGauge from your vehicle.

10 You will need to load the stock tune from the nGauge to your PC and there are 2 ways it can be done:

    1. Method 1 - Plug the nGauge into a PC using a Mini-USB cable (not supplied). When the nGauge powers on, select “Diagnostics” from the main menu, then select “USB SD”.
    2. Method 2 - Eject the MicroSD card by using the wide-end of the supplied stylus. If your PC does not have a microSD card reader, use the supplied SD card adapter.

11 Once the USB cable (or MicroSD card) is plugged into your computer, it will prompt you to “Open folder to view files.” Select that option.

12 You will be prompted to select how to open this, select “Open folder to view files.”

13 A file window will open up, this will display the contents of the nGauge. Select “stock files” to open and view the stock files you have saved.

14 Locate your vehicle’s stock file.

15 Once you locate the stock file for your vehicle, attach it to an email and send it to along with your order number – You can also save this file on your PC for your future use and backup.

16 Last step - Go online and fill out the Tune Form with all your information. Click here for the Tune Form

nGauge Manual