2018+ Mustang GT Manifold – Ported by AFS

This is a great upgrade for the Coyote F150’s and compliments our tune very well.



(9 customer reviews)



*** Current lead time: 2-3 weeks ***

  • Brand new.
  • Ported by Brett Barber (Air Flow Solutions). Porting adds 8-12hp and 7-9ft lbs of torque at points throughout the power band.
  • Option: MAP Sensor hole is drilled and tapped for 2015-2020 vehicles.
  • Special packaging to protect during shipping.
  • Tuning is required, and if you are already an Oz customer, the tune update is included (a $50 value).



***Professional installation is recommended. No instructions are provided. 

2011-2014 trucks  – To get the most out of this intake for a 11-14 Coyote F150, Mustang GT intake cams are highly recommended, as this manifold is designed to make power well above 6500 RPM, and the stock truck cams will give out well before then.

2011-2017 trucks – IMRC’s need to be locked out for 11-17’s or 15-17’s can use VMP IMRC harness kit to keep IMRC’s active. (We recommend keeping IMRC’s active on 2015-2020 trucks, as it helps with smooth idle, part throttle torque, and can help retain mpg’s)

2021-2023 trucks – Adapter kit required and IMRC’s must be locked out. If you buy our SP Machining adapter kit (found here), lockouts are included with that kit.




Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 14 in

9 reviews for 2018+ Mustang GT Manifold – Ported by AFS

  1. Don Patterson (verified owner)

    This manifold is a great addition to the Omega tune. After the retune my truck is now Rev happy! Pulls real nice to 7400rpm or so. Overall very happy with this set up. Not a difficult installation either.

  2. Billy stephens (verified owner)

    Product is 10/10 customer service is 10/10 and shipping times 10/10. This add on is absolutely power that you can feel. I can’t explain the difference in words it’s just something you have to feel for yourself.

  3. Bobby Twardowski (verified owner)

    Installed this on my truck with the omega x tune…The mid-range and top end power you get is awesome! Absolutely love it and it compliments a budget friendly full bolt on build.

  4. Ron Goode (verified owner)

    Excellent upgrade to your F150! I feel a vast difference in performance. Shipping was incredibly fast and the customer service is always great.

  5. Jason H (verified owner)

    Great upgrade for an F150 with the Omega X tune is awesome. Pulls hard and revs out nice. Excellent customer service as always. Easy enough install. Would definitely recommend. Hats off to Ken and his team.

  6. Angel Nunez (verified owner)

    Great product. Took a little over 3 weeks to receive it, but that was expected. I installed it with IMRCs locked, and it ELIMINATED the 1500-2000 RPM tapping sound. This is the main reason I did this job. Idles fine, drives great. Do not recommend running this manifold with stock air intake.

  7. Billy Holland (verified owner)

    As always a great tune!! Very nice upgrade to my truck. Really enjoyed how it revs out higher in the rpm’s. One thing for the install that I ran into. Was that the brake booster line gets pulled a little tight since the mustangs intake vacuum lines are placed differently than the stock truck with all vertical fittings. I just added my own brake booster hose with the stock fittings to relieve the tension.

  8. David (verified owner)

    This thing is awesome on my 2016 F150! Chose it since I already have the omega tune which is great and my intake manifold went out. Shipping was quick and the guys were really helpful with my questions and the updated tune was super fast and rocks! Truck runs better than ever, and the power increase is very noticeable, you will be tempted to rev it out to 7500 RPMs cutting tires through the gears, but even normal driving and idling it runs much smoother and torque curve is better. I don’t notice any bottom end loss and seems I’ve gained some bottom torque. Top end is nuts and no longer hits a wall. Just wants to run!

  9. Chuck Dumire (verified owner)

    Installed on 2017 f150 at around 172k miles. Old manifold failed so I figured why not. Already had the omega tune. I did not lock the runners out. This intake completely turned this truck into a different machine. I lost no low end that I can tell. But man, this thing pulls!!!! So thankful for Ken and his guys. Don’t debate this mod! Just go ahead and do it. You will not be disappointed!

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