SOLO PERFORMANCE V8 MR400 4″ Single Rear Side Exit – 2011-2014 Ford F150 5.0L

Stainless Steel 4″ Cat-Back Exhaust Kit
Free flow which really opens up your V8 F150.

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Deep, bassy, raw American muscle sound that is sure to please the truck enthusiast. With the constraints of the factory converter, the system has to start off at 3” and then quickly turns into the 4” free flow.

Incorporated is the Solo J-Pipe in the front section. The J-pipe takes out the drone and trouble RPM ranges and leaves you with the deep muscular sound that this truck is capable of producing. This is all capped off with a T304 stainless steel polished 4 ½” rolled edge exhaust tip.

This deep performance tone quiets down amazingly well on the highway. At cruise speeds it’s almost as quiet as the stock exhaust.

Additional information

Weight 24.55 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 8 in
Vehicle Fitment

2011-2014 Ford 5.0L V8 F150 with 145″ or 157″ Wheel Base

How-To: J-Pipes Adjustment and Purpose

This wonderful sound canceling technology is built into every kit and is the final piece of the puzzle to make the Solo exhaust kits “no drone.” We have found that one length J-pipe works wonderfully on one G8 but needs the length to be slightly altered on the next G8. For this reason we have made our J-pipes adjustable on the top. Just loosen the band clamp, slide the pipe, and re-tighten. We will send every kit at the “factory preset” position, but you will have the ability to adjust as necessary. One inch can make a huge difference in exhaust note and ½ inches can further tweak the sound. Just like a trombone, the different lengths can actually tune out different frequencies. In testing, one passenger liked the higher pitched octave and I liked the deeper sound. This adjustability will allow the owner to tweak the frequency to whatever his wife truly likes. LOL. One pleasant surprise when testing the J-pipes was that we felt vibrations at certain settings in the seat. By moving the J-pipe to it’s optimal position, the vibration was “tuned” out. The position and shape of the J-pipe has been researched and tested on multiple cars and wow does it ever work nicely. After a long ride (30 minutes mostly on the highway), the exhaust system is scorching hot. The J-pipes are actually cool at the ends. They have been positioned to allow the exhaust gasses to bypass them but let the sound waves in. This keeps them clean on the inside and workable. As soot builds up on the inside of any exhaust pipe, it “absorbs” sound instead of “reflecting” it. Our J-pipes have very little exhaust gases entering them so they will continue to work for a very long time. We have made our J-pipes removable for two reasons. If a drone develops after years and years of driving, the J-Pipes can be removed with 2 band clamps and cleaned. This will restore them to their original working state. They could also be removed and capped off when you want to go racing and enjoy the full raw sound that the car is capable of producing. Of course this would mean a drone/hum on the highway. You could uncap and re-install the J-pipes as soon as the race was finished, and the drone would be non-existent once again.


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