Oz Tuning – 2018-2020 F150 5.0 – Forced Induction Tune – Roush Superchargers

FEATURES vs Roush tune:

  • More power with less boost by combining our tune with a 88mm Griptec pulley.

  • AC compressor protection.

  • Catalytic converter protection.

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If you’ve added boost to your F150… you’ve made the right move. The only thing you’re missing now is an Oz Tuning Omega Tune! Let us optimize performance, power delivery, drivability, and transmission functions to match the power your rig is now capable of. Like all Oz Tuning tunes, our forced induction tunes are designed to provide maximum horsepower, while still maintaining safety and reliability. We are the Forced Induction F150 experts!

Info on the tune: 2018-2020 Roush superchargers have much smaller intercoolers mounted below the head unit so they are not good at all at keeping AIT’s down. So for this reason, and through extensive testing with mods to help cooling, the only effective way to tune these is with a larger pulley. Sounds counterintuitive, but by lowering the amount of boost, temps are no longer the enemy. Then with our tune, we can add more, safe power.


  • Roush tune required. (You must already have the Roush Tune for us to tune your vehicle)
  • HP Tuners programmer is required. 
  • All Forced Induction tunes will require extensive datalogging which requires a Windows based laptop. Instructions will be provided, but you will need to be comfortable with downloading and emailing file attachments to complete the tuning process. (Remote dyno tuning is available. Click here for details)
  • Forced induction tunes require premium fuel (91 octane or higher) and are built for a SINGLE FUEL OCTANE.
  • After purchasing your tune you must fill out a complete Tune Form before we can build your base tune.
  • Please be aware that some newer Roush calibrations may not be fully supported in HP Tuners VCM Suite, and will require an additional checksum validation before we can write your tune. We have no way to know this prior to receiving your “stock” read file. In the event that your calibration is not fully supported, we will submit a support request on your behalf to HP Tuners to have the file fixed and support added. Wait time to resolve this issue can be extended, however there is no possible way to tune your vehicle until the file is fully supported. This means that anyone that attempts to tune the vehicle will have this same issue to resolve, and you will have the same (or possibly longer) wait time.
  • Flashing this tune requires using the new TDN phone app for MPVI2/2+/3 users. (A Windows laptop is still required for KAM resets, speedo calibrations, and extensive datalogging. The app can only be used at this time for flashing tunes and diagnostics).
  • NOTE: MPVI2/2+/3, RTD/+/3 Interface required! Regular MPVI2’s and RTD’s are not compatible with iOS. Only the + (plus) or 3 models are.

All Forced induction tuning services are time-limited and will include 30 days of complementary datalog reviews and/or personalized adjustments to cover adjustments such as firmer/softer shifts, increased/decreased throttle response, etc. Changing or adding modifications to the vehicle that would require a tune adjustment would not be considered a "preference-based adjustment" and would not be covered by a complimentary update.

During the tuning process for Forced Induction tunes, a tune will be considered "complete" if no follow-up contact is received from the customer within 30 days of receiving a tune revision.

Should your tuning window expire for any of the above reasons, you will be asked to purchase a Re-Tune through the website to "reset" your tuning time period, at which point the customer will receive a new 30-day window for complimentary adjustments and datalog reviews.

- Full Sales Policies can be found here -


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

2 reviews for Oz Tuning – 2018-2020 F150 5.0 – Forced Induction Tune – Roush Superchargers

  1. Jon ONeil (verified owner)

    These guys really know what they are doing. Huge improvement in throttle response and power. They fixed Fords 10 speed shifting issues. My MPG stayed the same. Truck runs cooler and overall smoother.

  2. Lonny Terzo (verified owner)

    Great company to work with. They turned my truck into a monster. Ken was very informative and boy does he know what he is doing. Will def recommend to everyone.

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