Oz Tuning – Re-Tune (Naturally-aspirated. Basic & Advanced)

This item applies only when you are an existing Oz Tuning naturally-aspirated, Omega or Alpha tune customer.

For Forced Induction Re-tunes click here.

(15 customer reviews)



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You should purchase this tune if you have added additional modifications to your vehicle that will require and update to your tune. This purchase includes all necessary datalogging to optimize your previous tune to for your new modifications. You will NOT need to fill out a new tune form.

This item applies only when you are an existing Oz Tuning customer. Tunes do not transfer with vehicle ownership.

If you are not sure if your particular modifications require modification to your tune, please contact us before making your purchase.

There are several options to chose from in the drop down menu. Minor modifications such as, intakes, headers, or exhaust would qualify as a "Basic" update. More extensive modifications that will require more involved tuning and datalogging, like cams, or torque converters would be considered "Advanced".

All forced induction tunes that require a re-tune should use the "Forced Induction" Re-tune page by clicking here.

Note for 2018 GT Intake Manifolds - specify if you have the IMRC's locked out or not please, to speed up your order.

All tuning services are time-limited and will include up to 90 days of complementary datalog reviews and/or personalized adjustments to cover adjustments such as firmer/softer shifts, increased/decreased throttle response, etc. Changing or adding modifications to the vehicle that would require a tune adjustment would not be considered a "preference-based adjustment" and would not be covered by a complimentary update.

During the tuning process for Advanced or Forced Induction tunes, a tune will be considered "complete" if no follow-up contact is received from the customer within 30 days of receiving a tune revision.

Should your tuning window expire for any of the above reasons, you will be asked to purchase a re-tune through the website to "reset" your tuning time period, at which point the customer will receive a new 90-day window for complimentary adjustments and datalog reviews and/or another 30-day window for Advanced or Forced Induction tunes.

- Full Sales Policies can be found here -

It is the policy of Oz Tuning, LLC to NOT disable, modify, or otherwise leave inoperable any Federally mandated emissions equipment or On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) systems or monitors on ANY vehicle. It is a violation of the Federal Clean Air Act, for us to do so.



15 reviews for Oz Tuning – Re-Tune (Naturally-aspirated. Basic & Advanced)

  1. Chris Edwards

    Grabbed one of these tune revisions after a gear change. The initial tune process was smooth with Oz, as was the tune revision I did later. Pretty easy to give these guys 5 stars.

  2. Keith kinsinger

    Got a tune for my single cab short box 5.0 after headers and some new wheels. Absolutely changed the truck.
    Did not hesitate to give 5 stars. Not a single hiccup in the tune.

  3. Sam (verified owner)

    Best tunes and customer service not much else needed to say oh yeah they are the BEST LOL very happy with inital tune and then after the boss 302 intake upgrade was seamless to do the update/retune

  4. Don Patterson (verified owner)

    My pcm went bad and caused a host of issues…Ken was quick to get me back up and tuned, Allstars in customer service and product.

  5. Kiley Shackett (verified owner)

    I recently purchased and installed the 18+GT manni on my 16 F150. The retune from Ken and the guys made start up flawless! I honestly expected a code of some kind as that is how my luck goes but the truck started up as nothing has been done. Couldn’t be happier with my tune and the customer service from these guys!

  6. Brady Louk (verified owner)

    These guys are amazing with customer support. They always answer my emails within half an hour when I need help or have a question. And the omega x tune is the most fun and versatile upgrade I’ve added to my 5.0

  7. Cameron Powell (verified owner)

    Honestly the best service i’ve ever got. The tunes are fantastic, never had any issue. Always good to have it here and know i can get help if needed.

  8. Kenneth Priest (verified owner)

    New to the tuning world. Customer service and support is excellent. Instructions are easy to follow and the re-tune works great.

  9. William f (verified owner)

    Great customer support and updated tune is awesome

  10. Bobby Spruill (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service! Ken and Stevet are always very helpful and responsive. Thanks guys!

  11. Bill Youells (verified owner)

    Ordered an update following a tire size change. Within 2 hours I had my tune in my inbox. Amazing how fast Ken got the tune back to me. I have been working with OZ for years and I swear he keeps getting better!!!!!

  12. Omar Hernandez (verified owner)

    Hands down best tuning and customer service you can find

  13. Alan walker (verified owner)

    Super pleased with this tune a very noticeable difference in power but mainly the shifting is so much better it’s worth every penny i definitely recommend this tune to anyone looking for a better driving experience it will leave you smiling every time you lay Into the throttle. Customer service is top notch with very fast responses

  14. Bradley Baldwin (verified owner)

    The omega tune is great! Really wakes my 15 5.0 up! Top notch tuning and customer service!

  15. Brayden Stanley (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the easy process of the plug in play when downloading the new tune after I got headers the new tune felt like it woke the truck back up on 2014 5.0 f-150

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* Must list brand of any CAI installed on vehicle.

* Intake Manifold Swaps – MUST list if IMRC’s are “active” or “locked”

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